Since I was a child art has always been a source of solace and personal expression for me.

Early on I became fascinated with the abstract expressionists and the super realists through the professors at Glassboro State College, now known as Rowan University. They lit the fire of exploring the question of what art really is. For me, not a product to be created for a market, but a personal experience to be explored and nurtured.

A few years ago I started classes in the Continuing Education Department at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Through them I was inspired to focus primarily on landscape, using pastels for their immediacy and rich color.

As an artist I have been developing a body of work that represents the landscape of Southern New Jersey as well as other areas of the East Coast. I paint, in a realistic style, scenes that are inspired by actual locations. Sometimes very accurately rendered and at other times only using it as a starting point. The suggestion of detail by the scraping of pastel, a smudge with my finger, one color placed strategically beside another is fascinating. I attempt to control that uncontrollable accident and create works  that the viewer can appreciate as a beautiful representation of a place or dig deeper, up close, and take in the painting for the  abstract qualities, assorted colors and shapes  placed in various ways on paper.


Never forgetting, whether it's abstract expressionist or super realist, color defines form. I feel I've always leaned towards an experiment with abstraction in a representational form. Trees don't exist on the paper. There is no sun light. It's all about color. George Inness knew this as much as Mark Rothko. And the subject matter is really unimportant in that context. As Fairfield Porter said, "Subject matter must be neutral in a sense that it does not appear sought after so much as simply happening to me."  

(above- "Untitled" Oil on Canvas 24"x46" 1985)


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